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Virginia Group Travel Expert
About Artisan Luxury Travel

Monica & Herb Keels

Artisan Luxury Travel brings people together. Enhancing the experience with those you know and will get to know. Here at Artisan, each travel package is a piece of art crafted to perfection.  

Herb and Monica started Artisan Luxury Travel because of their love for celebrating with family. They have learned the best gifts are the gifts created in sharing with others. Road Trips, Cruises, and going on mini weekend vacations have built many lasting memories for their family. Monica has been the go-to person in her family for years. Planning trips for her parents to Canada and Las Vegas etc. Helping her daughter celebrate her golden birthday with a mini girl's vacation weekend.


Traveling should be about feeling special, trying new things, and making the best of those family and friend moments.

The Artisan name was thought of to provide a luxurious experience that brings family and friends together. The word artisan means handcrafted. Artisan's unique touch is the partners it teams with, from specially selected chef crafted meals to private event experiences like glass making. The small details that make your Group Experiences – Lasting Memories.

Our Favorite Photos from Some of Our Favorite Trips

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